Saturday, September 17, 2016

An Element of Surprise

The idea for An Element of Surprise came about when I was simply playing around with blending colors, adding them to unusual objects...and a few things just came together. Thus the title of the kit, An Element of Surprise.  I think our best artwork comes out of us all when we are relaxed and not "trying". So here is a glimpse of surprises via my fabulous CT team:  Cheryl, Gina, Hayley, Jean, Jeannette, Trish ad Trish (Pat).  

This page by Jean tugged at my heartstrings... sometimes someone creates such a beautiful piece of art that causes a well of emotion to arise. This is one of those pages for me...

I love this stunning piece by Trish (Pat), so elegant and serene.

Using the puppy in the kit, Trish (Pat) created this playful page that is simply adorable.  She also used the "spillover" frame and mask which is delightful with the mushroom cluster!

Cheryl added a little whimsy with the silhouette (included), creating a fairytale story.I love the soft dreamlike feel to this page.

Continuing on the dream theme, I love this second page of Cheryl's where I imagine the little girl daydreaming about romping around with friends at the ocean.

I love this page with it's white space, leaving you wanting more. Hayley stretched the elements which gives the page a beautiful and different look.

To contrast that, Hayley created this gorgeous and magical moment ...

Trish created a beautiful stack and added a stamp effect to the silhouette, very clever! I love the mix of elements and how she arranged them!

A versatile kit, Jeannette created this fabulous page using the photo as the background. Now this looks like fun!!!

Gina added a beautiful effect to her image for this page, reminding me of  Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms (yes that dated me!!). Gorgeous!
And a few more just to give you ideas...

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The latest kit in the shop is another collaboration with Ann Brown. I know it is early for Holidays kits, but at the request of several customers, we put this one up so they have time to make their Christmas cards.  Holiday Trimmings is a spectacular kit full of gorgeous clusters and elements. Create elegant cards to send to your family and friend this year!

And here are several pages to give you a little inspiration! The elements are easy to stack and gorgeously water-colored!

Floral Fancy Wizard

Well it certainly has been a long time since my last post and I have put out several kits since then. But will show you just a few inspirations from Floral Fancy Wizard.  Floral Fancy Wizard is the second in a series of Fancies, about adult faeries in the garden. 

Cheryl created this magical page with the wizard, using one background and simple stacking. By resizing the elements to fit into perspective, she created an amazing fantasy page!

Jean designed this page using her own image of waterfalls, and created a magical land of sunshine and beauty by blending in the elements to create this peaceful scene.

Gina did this fabulous page using similar elements, but look how different it many storybook pages can be created form this kit.

Hayley went in the other direction by making the adult faeries tiny relative to the nature around them. Fabulous perspective, and a fun page!

Even I gave this kit a go...

Monday, June 13, 2016

Lasting Presence

Exciting news!!!  A new collaboration between Ann Brown and Lynne Anzelc has resulted in a spectacular new kit called Lasting Presence.  We call ourselves AnnAria (category in the Lynne Anzelc Design shop). This kit mixes Lynne's extractions and Ann's watercolor techniques to give you a stunning assortment of elegant ladies, elements in watercolor, and backdrops.  

Giving you enough elements to keep your interest growing!

and papers that can be used with any kit

...and look what my team designed just for you  to show what you could do with this kit...and more

From Trish, I love how she layered the elements above and below the frame in this beautiful page.

Gina, shows us how you can take one kit and do two completely different pages below: One old world, the other light and wistful

Hayley also uses different style in her pages, one whimsical  and the other mystical

Cheryl went traditional and creative with these lovely pages

Jean's style is bold and beautiful

Jeannette created this soft alluring page...

Ona popped in to create this stunning page

and even Ann and I had a go of it

So you can see this is a versatile kit for those who want everything in one kit, and for those whol like to combine kits, it is both elegant and fun, so try it out!!  Come visit us at Oscraps!