Friday, February 17, 2017

Floral Winds

Floral Winds is the third in a series of Floral Fancy kits.  Beautiful characters and floral elements, along with a waterfall, stairs, and even a castle, this kit is perfect for that fantasy page or montage. BUT, with all the florals, mushrooms, leaves, branches, frames...this also can be used to design a contemporary or traditional page or card. 

The Wordart is available, but comes as a separate kit

And now what you have been waiting for, some lovely inspiration by my fabulous team!

Cheryl created this amazing page that shows off the characters in a dazzling fantasy!   I love how she blended these together to give this an ethereal feel.

 Gina shows how you can do a traditional page using the frame, wall, mask, leaves and flowers, so gorgeous! I love this!

 Hayley created a magical page using many of the elements and script, and adding her own fairies, to make this delightfully unique!

Pat used the castle to create this beautiful scene, magical and peaceful, beautifully blended.

To show you how a fantasy kit can easily be used in a traditional page, using a glorious photo of her garden, Gina used the frame, flowers wall, clock, splats,overlay and "bug" to frame her colorful and stunning masterpiece. Beautiful layering!

Trish created this waterfall page using the striped paper., and I love how she used the script behind the waterfall to give it more of a watery feel.

Beth merged traditional and fantasy in this amazing page. Again using the frame with the florals, she stacked them in a gorgeous array, framing that beautiful little girl.

  Ina emphasized the characters in this stunning page, adding the florals, mushroom and butterfly, along with some of the wordart to create this magical scene.

I adore this little princess and the backdrop Jean created to give her a magical world. A beautiful way to thrill your little one visually. Gorgeous page and creative idea!

Anne designed this page around the little girl, using the mask for the background photo, and extracting her to do an out of frame image. This fabulous page creates a happy and carefree feeling!

Natasha, created this lovely page using the trees, birds, florals, and overlay, but using the rain paper to help emphasize the characters (from Chantilly Characters I) walking in the rain. I just love this page!

And I always test the papers and elements to see if they go together, and this was the result of this kits test. After stacking the elements, I duplicated the girl, mushroom and the rock, flipped them, and lowered the opacity to blend in with the "water".

There are so many beautiful pages, please go over to my shop and page through the previews to see more inspiration on how you could use this kit.  Thank you for looking!

Monday, January 9, 2017


Rustbucket is a mega STEAMPUNK experience available on January 12th. If you have never tried steampunk, I suggest you do. It is pure FUN!!! I am not by nature a quirky person, but with the influence of Hayley with her creative ideas and suggestions, I managed to create something I think is quirky and broadly usable. I hope this becomes a staple in your digi cabinet. Over 100 elements, 27 blendable scenes, 15 characters and 21 papers. All you need to create a fantasy of your own.

So here are a few pages to help you see what you can do with this kit, no matter what style you have.
Cheryl starts us off with this amazing fantasy. I love how she placed the boy firmly on the watch. So cool.

Hayley used so much imagination with this page, I love the whole fish theme...brilliant! She added her own artistic trout to the sea of metal fish!

Ina used some of the blendable scenes for this page, creating an old style garage station, futuristic style. Love the story it tells!

Jeannette also used some of the scenes, creating a totally different type of garage, filling it with the old truck, garbage cans and metal elements to give this a wonderfully, grungy look.

This lady is one of my favorite characters, and Pat gave her a fun role in her page. She created a steampunk world, colorful with grunge and blends. Fabulous!

Anne (Figberrie) used one of my favorite papers, giving this page a totally different look. 
I love the balance of elements, using the torn paper as the perfect divide between the two worlds. Beautifully done!

Jana used the same background paper and look how different it looks! Equally beautiful, I love the depth Jana creates with her shadows!

I love this western theme Gina created with the cactus and old truck. Can you just FEEL that heat??

And could it be steampunk without a little fantasy? Hayley weaves this fabulous story of adventure, I want to travel in that world to see what is beyond!! Amazing page!

This motorcycle took ages to create, so thrilled to see Cheryl used it in this outstanding page

I love simplicity and love this page by has balance and interest, great colors and a fun page!

I love how  Jeannette used the metal flower in the kit as the foreground to the elephant in the fun and beautiful!

And Natasha created two amazing pages of travel...great pages to show such fabulous images, the first was a trip to San Francisco!

and then an impressive trip to India!

I have many more to show you, so wander over to the shop and see more pages that will surely inspire you!! Thank you for looking!

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is a simple garden kit, filled with flowers, blendable rock and brick walls, birds, branches, dragonflies, butterflies ...things you find in the garden. It is a peaceful kit, lots of blending options and a spill over frame to help you clip your photo to.  And of course, here are some pages to give you a little inspiration.

A soft and gentle page by Ange, she blends the flowers in to soften them so they do not overpower the childs face.

Cheryl gives us a little magic, using the overflow frame to clip her image to, and then a gorgeous blend of the same photo into the background.

Figberrie (Anne) continues the magical theme with this stunning castle page. She also uses the overflow frame with high impact!

Gina created a portrait style page,gorgeous blending giving this page a sort of ethereal feel.

I love this cracked earth blend with these elements that Hayley constructed. A beautiful balance of nature!

Jana is amazing at clustering! I love that she used a photo of a bird with a clear sky in the bacground, as this emphasized the bird was high up in the tree.  The flowers ground lovely!

I adore this page where Jeannette uses a photo of her son in the grass, again utilizing the overflow frame, to show him as an explorer of nature.  Beautifully done, a fabulous blend, it tells such a great story!

Natasha is into nature, and took the theme of a Botanical Garden to show these stunning photos of their local Botanical Garden..simply gorgeous! Beautiful framing!

Pat loves simple elegance, her pages are pure and to the point as shown in this gorgeous page of a flower, a dragonfly and some this gorgeous in it's simplicity?

Trish did a two page spread, and I love how she used the overflow frame, such an artistic feel to this page!

...and I love books and papers, so had to add it to the kit, and to my own page. LOL.

Please check out more of the inspirational pages in my shop...these girls truly love art, and love showing you what YOU can do with this kit! Thank you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Home for the Holidays

A collaboration with Ann Brown, Home for the Holidays is a set of water-colored blended overlays and brushes, created with home in mind. Warm and inviting, these blends will add a sense of homecoming to any page, collage, journal or card.

And of course, here are some inspirational pages created by my team

Remember when we were kids and would love to hear that school was closed "due to snow"? That meant a fun-filled day of playing in the snow! Here is a fabulous page by Pat. I love the snow falling, the bright red in the door and fence...

Figberrie (Anne) created a delightful page using one of the blends plus a snowman and section of a background page from the kit Let it Snow. It brings back such fabulous memories of building snowmen and seeing how long they last before they melted.

Jean designed a fantastic holiday photo album page, cleverly combining individual pages she created into a single page, arranged beautifully! See her individual pages below.

Hayley gives us a different feel with her house set back, showing you the neighborhood. I would love to live here! She uses Winter Overlays to give that distant perspective. Beautifully done!

Jana gives us a soft, warm version of coming home for the holidays with the sled out front and my favorite Christmas tree. I love the details with the birds and the hat on the squirrel!! This page gives me that sense of wellbeing.

Ange added an antique look to her page, with this delightful set of penguins. How darling is this? I feel like this could have been a card from days of old.

The Snowy Owl...I just love how Cheryl made the owl seem like it was flying off the page. And I wish I had that owl in one of my kits, sadly I do not! A gorgeous page!

Trish gives us Rudolf, combining the Blends with the Let it Snow kit. Rudolf looks perfectly at home here, and I can almost here those bells jingle! Love that squirrel on the fence!

I love looking for small details in a page, and Jeannette surprised me with a little teddy bear on the "stoop" (porch). Almost hidden, it sits watching the kids build the snowman. So adorable!

I love how different this page is, very traditional, and is a card I would love to send my friends and family. Pat created this beauty using another collab with Ann, called Holiday Trimmings

Love the details in Jean's page! The squirrel on the porch, the birds in the bush, and that adorable little boy in the window. It makes a snowy, cold day feel warm and delightful! This is one of the images in Jean's collage above.

This antiqued page by Ange looks like the book cover of a children's story. I love how it changes the whole feel of the layout. The details are stunning, and I would love this as a Christmas card!

Ah, and then there was magic with the elf bringing holiday gifts to the kids in the neighborhood. Pat creates the whimsical winter with this page that would delight any child who still believes ...

And here is the other detailed page from Jean's collage above: A neighborhood snowball fight! I love the perspective of this page, and the detail of the little girl watching from the porch!

And finally, wishing you all a very Happy Holiday Season, from all of us to you!
 Hoping you are home for your Holidays (by Pat)