Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Perspective in Photography and Digital Design

In photography as well as digital design and layouts, it is all about perspective.  Sometimes you want the big picture. In photography, that would entail capturing the entire scene, like this old school house (in Trinidad, CA). It encompasses the sky, the hills behind it, the entire building and a little foreground. It tells a story about the location as well as the schoolhouse itself.

But sometimes you want to get a little more intimate with the subject. So you focus in on a specific detail, like the stairs, with the overgrown grass, and the sign leaning against the porch.  

The subject is the same, the emotion of the image is different.  It is simply about your perspective. 

It is the same with digital designs.  Take the following examples.  In the first one, using my A Scrap of Vintage Bundle. Mystampin created a heritage page giving us a lot of details, creating the "entire scene", while wombat created a page that was more intimate, one that draws you into a specific subject. Both using the same kit, each emitting a different emotion when viewing it. I love both of these, and both styles are very useful in creating your own story and emotion.

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  1. I love these photos and their vibrancy.
    Gorgeous layouts and a lovely comparison with the photos :)