Saturday, February 7, 2015

Day Dreaming

What do I have for you in inspiration this week? My team has put together some pages that will inspire you, and hopefully help you see what you can do with my products!  Or with other products, because you see, it is all about art and creativity and should never be subjected to just one style!

My latest release is Day Dreaming. Day Dreaming was created out of my lifelong habit dreaming. I have always seemed to be a little bit in a school I would hear the rustle of the wind outside  or the birds chirping. At work my mind could wander while thinking how I could improve on something...even now my thoughts will wander and I find myself thinking "oh, that would make a great element for a kit!".  I am believer that we need to encourage kids and adults alike to daydream! I was successful at school and work, so it was never a detriment to my life! And we need more imagination today more than ever!!  So....this is just a mini kit that for me goes a long way!

This first page was done by Beth.  Bold and beautiful. It shows a lot of the elements in the kit and from another by Vicki Robinson.  This page allows the eye to wander around it, curious what is going on. Love the artistic slant, and love the bees!

Another by Beth takes us in a completely different direction!  Soft and dreamy, this page makes me feel peaceful and calm. Her blending is superb, and the balance (very important) is spot on! I'll talk about balance in a photo tip session later this month.

Judy created this playful art piece using the elements as a pedestal for her dreams.  I love how she also sticks papers for a more artistic flair! Notice how she moves your eye from lower left to upper right, taking in the entire page?  That is what you want to do with both a photograph and a layout to give the viewer full enjoyment!

Ren used the kit to frame a photo, and blended it in to give it  a very effective dreamy look. The page is balanced by the blue of the bird in the lower left and the blue element splat in the upper right. Beautifully done!

Combining kits is always fun, and I admit I pride myself in the fact that most of my kits will blend well together.  Here Beth uses three kits: Day Dreaming, Vintage Ladies, and Scruffy Overlays. Again, your eye wander through the page taking in all the wonderful colors and elements, with a little repetition to give the eye rest. And the impact is in the word art (not mine) that tells you what the page is all about! Well done!

I'll close with one of my own.  I try to test out the elements to see what type of page can be created with the elements in the kit. This page leans toward the simple. I love white space, but did not use too much in this particular page.  The word art said it all for me here.  I have been creating my reality my entire life...the good, the bad and the ugly, it is all mine and I am good with that.

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