Monday, January 9, 2017

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is a simple garden kit, filled with flowers, blendable rock and brick walls, birds, branches, dragonflies, butterflies ...things you find in the garden. It is a peaceful kit, lots of blending options and a spill over frame to help you clip your photo to.  And of course, here are some pages to give you a little inspiration.

A soft and gentle page by Ange, she blends the flowers in to soften them so they do not overpower the childs face.

Cheryl gives us a little magic, using the overflow frame to clip her image to, and then a gorgeous blend of the same photo into the background.

Figberrie (Anne) continues the magical theme with this stunning castle page. She also uses the overflow frame with high impact!

Gina created a portrait style page,gorgeous blending giving this page a sort of ethereal feel.

I love this cracked earth blend with these elements that Hayley constructed. A beautiful balance of nature!

Jana is amazing at clustering! I love that she used a photo of a bird with a clear sky in the bacground, as this emphasized the bird was high up in the tree.  The flowers ground lovely!

I adore this page where Jeannette uses a photo of her son in the grass, again utilizing the overflow frame, to show him as an explorer of nature.  Beautifully done, a fabulous blend, it tells such a great story!

Natasha is into nature, and took the theme of a Botanical Garden to show these stunning photos of their local Botanical Garden..simply gorgeous! Beautiful framing!

Pat loves simple elegance, her pages are pure and to the point as shown in this gorgeous page of a flower, a dragonfly and some this gorgeous in it's simplicity?

Trish did a two page spread, and I love how she used the overflow frame, such an artistic feel to this page!

...and I love books and papers, so had to add it to the kit, and to my own page. LOL.

Please check out more of the inspirational pages in my shop...these girls truly love art, and love showing you what YOU can do with this kit! Thank you.

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