Monday, February 27, 2017

Coastline Clusters

Coastline Clusters is exactly what you imagine the title conjures up in your mind.  A collaboration with Pat, these delightful clusters can be added to any page to do with water or nature. Perfect as that single element with wordart for a card, or easily blended in a montage or page.

Pat created this gorgeous page with the lighthouse cluster, and to show you how different a page can look using different backgrounds, check out the second page. Both beautiful, both powerful!


Gina used the Heron cluster in a soft and serene page, depicting a lazy river on a sunny day!

Beth shows you how the metal flower can be used with steampunk and a personal card!

Going gritty, Cheryl designed this sea in turmoil with a fabulous effect!

Anne went in the opposite direction to show you a page with a serene sea, waves rolling in, and birds  in the sky, a  lovely scene.

And Jana created a journal page with three of the clusters, gorgeously arranged.

Gina designed a page with a special person in mind.

And Beth used an old kit with the Heron cluster, creating a beautiful grouping!

Pat layered these elements in a stunning and softly colorful design!

And Trisg made this stunning page that gives you the feeling you are looking out the window at this scene...can you hear the gull screeching? 

And what a delight in seeing the lighthouse on your own wall? Jana designed a picture within a page, gorgeous details in b;ending the sea with the lighthouse.

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