Monday, May 1, 2017

Photo Graphics

I love photography,  and love anything heritage, so this combination made sense to me.  Add them to your journal or your page of photographs, they are charming and blend well. 

A beautiful fashion page by Trish

 Pat emphasizes the cameras and old film used in days gone by in this gorgeous page 

Gina has created a modern page, such beautiful lines!!

Natasha used her photo as the background, and repeated it in the frame, adding the birds for a fabulous 3D effect. Lovely!

I love the soft watercolor effect Beth uses in this piece!

Jana used this fabulous photo of her trip to California as a perfect memory page!

Gina created the perfect heritage page...I love that family photo , fantastic!

Cheryl's page is just simply out of this world!!  So creative!

Hayley brought in models from our youth, remember those fabulous magazines?

I love this mix of memorabilia from Trish....

Anne created such a gorgeous page, reminiscent of when I go out to shoot!

I love this sunset photo Pat used as the background, what a perfect way to display a gorgeous image!

 Gorgeous relics of the past...but the images they took are still with us today!

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